More Alike Than Different

I just posted this to facebook a few minutes ago. I figured it was long enough, and an important enough statement that it should be put here as well for those who don’t like to waid through the mess that is their facebook wall.

I know that I have people following me that are both Occupy and Tea Party. I see what you guys are all posting, and most days it is the exact same stuff. I know there is a lot that the two sides do not agree on, but there is a lot that you do.

I know that both sides love their country.

I know that both sides would do ANYTHING to protect our constitution.

I know that both sides are tired of the role that money is playing in politics.

I see only one MAJOR problem with the above statements. It should not be “both sides.” The two groups need to get over their minor differences and work together based on the major things they have in common. The whole “right wing, left wing” illusion is nonsense. It thrives and survives because the people in power spend a LOT of money to keep it in the public eye.

Stop looking at eachother as “conservatives” and “liberals,” and start looking at eachother as “Fellow Americans.”

The problem, a long time ago, stopped being “the left” vs “the right.” In fact, the more I look at history, the more I doubt it wever was. The problem is that the rich wish to be powerful, and they have the money to make it happen. The rich spend that money to increase their power.

For those who think of themselves as “someday rich,” capitalism in its current form is a zero sum game. The guys that are rich now are going to do everything they can to stay that way. The game is rigged. The only way to unrig it, is for all of us to work together.