Dear Liberals, About Your Candidate

Dear Liberals, as some states are already starting to vote, many people further left of you are stuck with a dilemma. We went into the primaries knowing who the candidate would be because the DNC told us from the start. They didn’t even hide it this time. They barely hid it in 2016.

So, now, we are stuck with a candidate that, for a lot of us, literally the only reason to vote for him is that he is not Trump.

The only reason that a lot of us are going to vote for him is that every day, Trump makes it more and more clear that “Not Trump” is an important answer.

That said, a lot of us are going to be really pissed if you guys just take this opportunity to go back to “normal,” because while Biden is “not Trump” in a literal sense, from an overall systemic/policy standpoint, he’s only barely.

How the fuck are you going to foist a racist white man and a cop on a bunch of people who are literally in the middle of fighting against racist white men and cops and then get all pissy when they have reservations about voting for them?

“Do it for the queer and black folk who are suffering under Trump, not voting for Biden says you don’t care for them!” you scream in the faces of queer and black folk who have been raising the alarm since before the primaries began.

A system that consistently requires you to vote for the “lesser evil” because they are going to hurt you a little less, will always eventually result in evil.

What I am getting at, in my long-winded, fatigued, ranting sort of way, is this:

You are telling us we should vote for Biden because we have a better chance of influencing him. I better see people trying. I better see people just as angry about all the bullshit in March as they are now.

Liberals come out and say the same bullshit every time around and expect us to believe it even though if the policies and actions of the presidents we have elected are any solid indications, we have been operating under Republican presidents since Ragen.

Democrats have been a bit nicer to black folk, and queer folk, but cops are still killing black people in the streets, and police precincts are still labeling queer murders as low priority, and anyone who works to fix it is told they are hurting their cause pretty much by existing.

So, yes, I got my ballot and filled it in. Literally, the only thing Biden has going for him at this point is that he hasn’t been promising to subvert the constitution for the last three years running (and acting on it at every chance).

It is the end of September. Sometime in November, we will get the results of the election. I don’t care who wins, people need to be on the streets agitating and organizing. If their guy wins, you need to do everything you can to work to minimize the impact of his bullshit. After all, it will confirm the mandate that he thinks he has to be just terrible.

If your guy wins, you still need to be on the streets agitating, and organizing, to make this world a better safer place, and to actually do the thing you have been so good at proving is only lip service in past. Hold the asshole accountable.

At the end of the day, we have to pick between the guy who is currently wielding the system against us, and the guy who helped build that system. The only thing tipping the scales is that one of them is actually threatening to ignore the results of the electoral process.

There really isn’t a lot more to go into about the situation without making the idea of voting for Biden feel worse. The moment when Liberals should have flooded the streets is when the DNC made it clear that they didn’t care about the actual will of the people. The DEMOCRATS should have torn the Democratic party apart and rebuilt it starting in 2016, if not earlier.

I know that past performance does not automatically indicate future results, but sorry if a lot of people whose lives are most affected in all of this don’t have a lot of confidence in Liberals’ promises to hold their guy accountable.