The Apple AT&T Lawsuit has issues

The AT&T class action suit is claiming to be anti-monopoly and anti-trust. Monopoly: One company has exclusive access to sell a TYPE of product. The iPhone is NOT the only smart phone, and the others are NOT being sold by apple. Trust: Two or more companies conspiring to set prices on the same sort of product. This is usually to split up market share (i.e. neither of us are likely to lose customers to the other), or more often to hedge out some third party (i.e. He is not one of us, so if we both undercut his prices, then he won’t get business).

AT&T and Apple may be setting prices together, but they are not the same kind of company. One makes a popular telephone, the other provides communications services for that phone. Them cooperating does not make a trust possible.

Please people, if you are going to bring suit, there is nothing stopping you, but do NOT set the precedent of redefining legal terms. When you do that, it muddies the water for everyone.

I have yet to hear of anything that AT&T or Apple is doing to harm customers. There is nothing stopping you from buying any other smart phone (at a lower cost). There is nothing stopping you from going to another phone provider (T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint, just to name three).

They are not conspiring with their competition to set prices, and they are not the only providers of smart phones. They aren’t even doing a very good job at hedging out other smart phone providers.

The iPhone is a very nice piece of gear, but that does not make it a human right.


You have to wonder sometimes at the intelligence of spammers.

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of spam sent to religious mailing lists advertising porn. I am not sure what the sender was thinking. I am guessing that it was probably a bot. They harvested the email address from someone’s list and sent it off. Either that, or the bot was simply designed to troll through the yahoo lists, and saw that the list had a LOT of members. Most religious lists do. 😛

I just wish that the spammers would show a little more discretion. Spamming a religious list with porn sites is just kind of wrong somehow…